"Nanotechnologies & Nanobiotechnologies" are not vague terms. They comprise a new aspect of technology which already affects the production procedures, transport & communication, education, research, energy production, health and quality of life.

Nano|Net is an initiative for the promotion of communication and collaboration between research and business organizations activated in the fields of Nano-Bio-Technologies. Its' main purpose is to reinforce and promote Nanotechnologies in Greece, Europe and Worldwide, through an interscientific approach. Nano|Net started in 2003 from Nanotechnology Lab LTFN of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), and supports the NANOTEXNOLOGY annual multi-events and activities.

Today 364 Organisations (Universitiy Labs, Research Centres & Companies) participate in Nano|Net from all over the World. Among them there are 186 Organisations from Greece,129 from Europe and 35 from USA and Canada, 14 from Asia and from those 68 are Companies.

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However, no network will be viable or effective unless it adopts a wide perspective and progressive policy. Nano|Net should not be confined within the academic & business world of "Nanotechnologies & Nanobiotechnologies" alone. Providing research opportunities and new scientific workforce is only one part of the story.


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"Nanotechnologies & Nanobiotechnologies" are beginning to integrate into everyday life, affecting and creating demands on behalf of society. Nano|Net should become versatile and approachable by aiming at the dissemination of knowledge to non-experts as well.


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