"Nanotechnologies & Nanobiotechnologies" are not vague terms. They comprise a new aspect of technology which already affects the production procedures, transport & communication, education, research, energy production, health and quality of life. In Greece there are several important research and business activities in the field of Nanotechnology.

Nano|Net is an initiative for the promotion of communication and collaboration between research and business organizations activated in the fields of Nano-bio-technologies. Its' main purpose is to reinforce and promote Nanotechnologies in Greece, Europe and worldwide, through an interscientific approach. Nano|Net started in 2003 from Lab for Thin Films - Nanosystems and Nanometrology (LTFN) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), as a Thematic Research Network, which also supports the NANOTEXNOLOGY multi-events.

Today 331 Organisations (Universities, Labs, Research Centres and Companies) participate in Nano|Net from Greece, Europe and USA. Among them there are 172 Organisations from Greece,128 from Europe and 17 from USA and Canada, 14 from Asia & from those 43 are Companies.

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However, no network will be viable or effective unless it adopts a wide perspective and progressive policy. Nano|Net should not be confined within the academic & business world of "Nanotechnologies & Nanobiotechnologies" alone. Providing research opportunities and new scientific workforce is only one part of the story.


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"Nanotechnologies & Nanobiotechnologies" are beginning to integrate into everyday life, affecting and creating demands on behalf of society. Nano|Net should become versatile and approachable by aiming at the dissemination of knowledge to non-experts as well.


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