Coordination - Collaborations - Networking

  • Coordination of actions in the frame of Nanosciences and Nano(bio)technologies.
  • Collaboration with high Technology industrial Partners and Companies.
  • Participation of Nano|Net and its members in International Networks and R&D Projects.
  • Coordination and Interaction among the network and its members.
  • Continuous promotion of Nano|Net and its members.


  • Organization and Interaction through visits, meetings, Conferences and Summer Schools on Nanosciences & Nano(bio)technologies.
  • Organization of Education and Training activites in Nano(bio)technology.


  • Provide Information to Research and Industrial Society regarding Scientific Conferences, Industrial Forums and Events.
  • Inform and sensitize society on New Technologies dealing with Nanosciences & Nano(bio)technologies.
  • Inform Nano|Net members for funding & cooperation opportunities in International and European R&D Projects.


  • Expansion of Nano|Net with new members.
  • New collaborations between Nano|Net members and other Research and Industrial Organizations activated in Nanosciences & Nano(bio)technologies.

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